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Bear In Motion filmmaking specializes in creative, cinematic wedding films and documentaries.  


About us

Bear In Motion has been filming weddings since 2011. Telling stories is at the heart of what we love. After studying documentary film at college and filming a few weddings for some friends, we quickly realized that each wedding had its own unique story to be told.

We did not want to fall in line with the traditional wedding video companies. We use cinema techniques, high-end professional equipment and spend many hours in post-production making your film look as beautiful as possible. We strive to create a film that looks, sounds and feels like the actual day did, with a little bit of "Hollywood" flare to it. We believe that capturing professional video at your wedding is one of the best keepsakes you will ever have. Everything else is gone within hours. Your film will last a lifetime. It's truly our honor to be able to tell your story. If you would like to see if your date is available, please visit our Contact page.