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Bear In Motion filmmaking specializes in creative, cinematic wedding films and documentaries.  

Sample Videos

The Documentary Edits

The documentary edits are the modern day equivalent to raw footage. You will receive roughly an hour long documentary edit in addition to your film. This includes the beginning of the day, the ceremony, toasts, special dances, and reception footage.

Below is a sample of a documentary edit of a toast:

Password: toasts

Below is a sample of a ceremony:

Password: ceremony

The Feature Films

The Feature Films are our most popular packages!  We are able to build the story through the toasts and show more detail than we can in the Cinematic Trailer.  You even see things that you might have missed during the fast paced day!  Combining live sound from the day with a beautiful, cinematic score, it truly brings you right back, recreating all the emotion and feelings of your wedding day.


Below is a 20 minute feature film - password : sample

Below is a 10 minute feature film

The Cinematic Trailer

The cinematic trailer is a great way to share your wedding day with friends and family!  It's short and sweet but still tells the whole story of your wedding day with plenty of detail and emotion.  

The Music Video

The Music Video is an artistic and fun way to show your friends and family all of the detail and beauty of your special day.  This is perfect for a small wedding or sticking to a budget!